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Pisoni Reeds

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Musicians around the world already trust and rely on Pisoni for the pads used on their instruments; now they are able to have that same level of confidence in their reeds.

Made in a state-of-the-art facility in Italy to the same exacting standards as their pads, Pisoni Reeds will no doubt become the go-to reed for you and your customers.

Pisoni Reeds are made exclusively from the finest French cane, Arundo Donax, from the VAR district in Southern France. Expertly seasoned and carefully selected to ensure the highest quality. Each reed is electronically tested and graded for strength ranging from 1 to 5 in 0.25 increments.

Packaged 6 per box, the reeds are nested in a reusable holder and sealed inside packaging that protects them from light and humidity.

As you would expect from a company where consistency and quality is everything, all six reeds in the box are eminently playable, making them a very cost-effective choice. Each read in the box is exceptionally reliable with a consistency of timbre that will satisfy the most demanding performer.

Pisoni have long been known for their outstanding quality and precision in the manufacture of pads for woodwind instruments. Pisoni pads are used by most of the world's leading instrument manufacturers and are known the world over for their quality and reliability. Pisoni have applied that same skill and expertise to the development of this new reed for single reed woodwind instruments.